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Want to Become a Motor Expert? Regal Rexnord Offers Training!

The industry is changing, ECM will soon be the norm as PSC is phased out, and there's a lot to learn in a short amount of time. Some of the resistance to ECM is fear of the unknown and reluctance to switch over to a new product.

But you're not alone! Regal Rexnord provides comprehensive, hands-on training and support!

Saul Ortega, Regal's West Region Contractor Engagement/ECM Motor Specialist, offers two training programs:

ECM Made Easy & Revenue/Soft Selling Skills

  • Identify and diagnose the different ECM types: Constant Torque, Constant Airflow, and Constant Speed

  • Improve the average service ticket with Genteq aftermarket ECM replacement

  • Help reduce zero-dollar tickets & same-day service call incompletes

  • Sell the SOLUTION, not the product

  • Learn how to overcome objections

  • Earn NATE credits

Motor Master University - Motor Basics

  • The ACs and DCs of electric motors

  • Learn about AC induction motors

  • Learn about motor replacement selection - Regal's motor selector

  • Simplify your motor truck stock - What if you could replace 32 of the most commonly rated motors with just 6 ECM motors?

  • Complete more calls on the same day

  • Earn NATE credits

Each of these classes are two hours long and feature hands-on training and demonstrations. Once the class is over, you will still receive support and help from Saul Ortega and the Pinnacle Product Sales team!

Interested in a training session? Reach out to your Pinnacle Product Sales rep to learn more!


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