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New Panasonic ERV Product Launches

Panasonic is making new exciting additions to their Intelli-Balance ERV product line!

The new FV-10VE2, FV-10VEC2H, and FV-10VEC2RH Hardwired models are now available where direct wired power is required. They also offer a junction box with two convenient knockouts for routing power.

Additional Features:

  • Occupant controlled boost function

  • Designed for multi-family dwellings and new homes built to meet energy efficiency standards

  • Multi-speed selector (50 to 100 CFM) provides customizable airflow to create balanced, positive, or negative pressure

  • MERV 8 filter included

  • Connect to existing ductwork or use as a standalone, whole-house ventilation solution

  • Highest energy recovery efficiency performer in the 150 CFM and under ERV class!

Reach out to your Pinnacle Product Sales rep to learn more!


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