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New from Williams! The Carmel AC2030TNA Gas Wall Heater

The CARMEL AC2030TNA Top Vent Gas Wall Heater offers traditional home comfort with lower heating costs, convenience, and high efficiency. Easily recessed or surface-mounted options are great in homes, schools, cabins, apartments, offices, and shops.

Heating rooms individually allows comfort in areas being used while saving fuel costs in unused areas.


  • Superior comfort and efficiency with 82% AFUE

  • Ultra low NOx emissions

  • Dynamic Response - for energy savings and a constant and comfortable temperature - just enough heat for your desired environment

  • No standing pilot - eliminates seasonal relighting, saves energy and eliminates methane emissions

  • Easy to install

  • Quiet fans offer improved comfort and air circulation

  • Reduced carbon footprint - fits the same opening and uses the same venting as the traditional Monterey wall furnace

  • Programmable thermostat included for energy savings and comfort

To learn more about this product, reach out to your Pinnacle Product Sales Rep!


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