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The Aftermarket Solution: Regal Rexnord

When equipment fails in the HVACR industry, contractors, service technicians, and distributors will often jump to the same conclusion: "I need to return to the OEM to fix this problem". It makes sense - who better to fix the problem than the people who originally manufactured the fan coil, air conditioner, heat pump, etc.

But this doesn't always have to be the answer, and when it comes to replacing equipment motors, there exists a new solution: Regal Rexnord EC motors.

Regal Rexnord offers a product line that can replace almost every equipment motor currently in the market. Better yet, these motors are more energy efficient than the motors currently running your air conditioner or heat pump and can be customized to meet the performance requirements of any end user. Turning to Regal Rexnord for a motor replacement isn't just a solution - it's an upgrade.

Still need convincing?

Here are three reasons Regal Rexnord should be your first choice for motor replacements:

  1. They can match almost any motor out there: Regal Rexnord has been in the motor industry for decades and they've spent that time building knowledge - and building a database. If you need a motor replacement, simply reach out and provide a model number or performance attributes (such as voltage, RPM, frame size, HP, and more) and they can provide you with equivalent replacement models from their product line. Don't stress about finding the right part - let the experts do it for you!

  2. It's a more energy efficient solution: All signs point towards the industry phasing out PSC motors in favor of ECMs. If you reach out to the OEM for a replacement, chances are they'll provide you with what was in the original unit - most likely a PSC motor. But these could be obsolete within the next few years. Not to mention they're far less efficient than EC motors (40%-60% efficient), which results in end users wasting electricity just to try and reach the performance needed. Give your customer an upgrade by purchasing a motor from Regal that performs at 80% efficiency to help them save money.

  3. You can purchase an aftermarket motor at a fraction of the OEM cost: OEM's have long dominated the market, being seen as the singular source for motor replacements. This enabled them to set prices as high as they want because customers, service technicians, and distributors have always believed they were the only ones who could help them. But Regal offers equivalent motor replacements at a fraction of the OEM price. Why spend close to $1,000 for a replacement motor when you could get a more efficient model and save money at the same time?

Next time you need to replace a motor, don't return to the OEM simply because "that's what we've always done". The industry is changing and now is the time to educate your team and get ahead of the curve! Your customers - and the planet - will thank you.

Reach out to your Pinnacle Product Sales rep to learn how Regal Rexnord can meet your needs and defy your expectations.


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