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Product Highlight: ZoneFirst’s RETRO-Round Insertable Damper (Model RRP)

The Retro Round Insertable Plug and Play Damper from ZoneFirst is an ideal solution for adding zoning to existing small diameter ductwork in residential and commercial applications. Simply cut a slit into the existing duct, slide the round damper inside, and secure the motor and end plate to the exterior with the accompanying screws.


  • Available in 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8" diameters

  • 12Vdc plug and play actuator included

  • 25' of modular cord included

  • Rubber gasket around metal damper to ensure an airtight fit

  • End plate with gasket seal for mounting to the side of the duct

  • Ability to open or close in under 5 seconds

Reach out to Pinnacle Product Sales for pricing, technical information, and product training!


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