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Product Highlight: Smartlock's Swage Unions and Elbow Swage Unions

Smartlock's Swage Unions (SWUN) and Elbow Swage Unions (ELSW) utilize metal ferrule, which is the most durable and stable material that allows for compatibility with all refrigerant and tube types, as well as extending the lifespan of the fitting itself. Smartlock fittings can be installed in a fraction of the time as normal fittings and provide a better metal-to-metal seal.


  • No brazing

  • No flaring

  • No leaking

  • No special tools required

  • No dissimilar metal corrosion issues

  • Only aluminum compatibility on the market

  • Highest possible pressure testing and rating

  • Highest vacuum pressure

  • Lifetime reliability/warranty

Reach out to Pinnacle Product Sales for pricing, technical information, and product training!


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