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Product Highlight: Shoemaker's RS Radius Spiral Grilles

Shoemaker's RS Radius Spiral Grilles are an ideal option for air distribution products that fit directly into exposed round duct. Can be single deflection or double deflection, full scoop or half scoop, and are offered in a variety of standard and designer colors.


  • Nylon bushings on adjustable blades allow for easy adjustment, and prevents metal on metal rattle for quiet distribution

  • One piece curved frame with metal gasket fits flush against spiral duct

  • Product sizes available to fit spiral duct diameters of 8" - 48". Spiral duct diameter must be at least 4" larger than height of the grille

  • Default galvanized finish

  • Designer and custom colors available to fit all kinds of aesthetics

Please reach out to Pinnacle Product Sales for pricing, technical information, and product training!


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